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Secure Online Credit Applications-Are They Safe?

  • 1/22/2015

Todays secure online credit applications give you the convenience of applying for the vehicle loan that you need right from your computer. Most applications only take at most 15 minutes giving you the opportunity to apply over a lunch break or right from home before you even get out of bed! 

However, giving out any information online can feel intimidating; let alone when you are giving extremely personal and financial information. So the questions is, how safe are online credit applications when you are applying for a vehicle loan?

Internet security has come along ways and the process of applying for credit online is now safer than ever. There are many safety protocols of online security that are built right into the systems of online applications. 

PIPEDA - Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act  is a legislation that businesses must follow when gathering, using and disclosing personal information for commercial purposes. It keeps Canadians safe when using the internet and we adhere to these protocols ensuring that third parties do not see your personal information.

Website Security Protocols - It is important to check the websites security protocols when you are making an online transaction, including applying for a car loan or making a purchase. Your information should be entered on a secure page which has additional security features that regular webpages do not offer. How can you tell if you are on a secure page? 

A couple of indications to look for include: 

  • The name of a SSL Certificate Provider. SSL encrypts data before it is sent to another place on the internet. (Autolife uses Verizon Cybertrust Security) 
  • The image of a lock at the beginning of your address bar in your web browser means you are on a secure page
  • Also if the address has https:// before the web address this indicates a secure site.  Regular pages only start with http:// 

If you notice some or all of these features on the site you are applying with you know that it is secure.

Our online secure credit application is fully secure which allows you the convenience of applying from any remote location you choose. It is important, however, to always keep your information protected and be careful when writing personal information down, and when you are emailing or on social media.  Also be sure to keep strong firewalls and anti virus programs on all of your devices. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss via phone or face to face please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help!  Thank you.